How do I help someone become less dependent?

My best friend, Skyler, is dating our mutual best girl friend, Krystal. They have been together for 3 years. The problem is that Krystal is completely dependent on Skyler. She cannot seem to be happy when he is away or doesn't talk to her. She threatens suicide if he breaks up with her. She goes into a depression when he is angry with her or ignores her for doing something stupid.

Skyler has had enough of this. He has been talking with me about breaking up with her for good because this is emotionally exhausting for him. How do I help her out of this dependency on him? I love her like a sister and I don't want her to be hurt and I don't want Sky to feel like he is responsible if she ends up committing suicide over this.


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  • It's a skill usually born with. Very hard to learn but possible. can't just give you a quick recipe (maybe someone can) but i suggest working with someone in person who has experience and is aware of all the aspects. People respond to different methods and ways to deal with. If you're interested in exploring this area, I suggest doing some reasearch about the human behaivour and the cognitive aspect of the mind. It also take some personality and dpends how the other person looks at you what they think of you.


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