Was calling the other woman a bad idea?

My ex partner and I had have been in a relationship for about 14 months. We broke up a few times in that period.

I thought something had just had not been right for a week or so... On Sunday he received a few messages and then another one at 9.30pm and then he turned his phone on silent.

I know now this is bad. That night we went to bed, I couldn't sleep, so when he feel asleep, I checked his phone. He has being text messaging his ex girlfriend and calling her baby and honey and he wished he could be snuggled up to her etc... I saw a message from a while back where he told her he was with me and her response was "we'll leave me the f**k alone. He did for months at a time, but then he'd start again... She obviously had no idea he was still with me and I had no idea he was messaging her!

I was furious, so I saved her number in my phone and gave the ex the silent treatment for a day and then decided, I would text message her to let her know that he had been playing both of us. Her response was 'I know everything, the only reason we are not together is because of distance". I politely responded saying "sorry, I will not contact you again".

So so when the now ex found out he said how dare I contact her and that I am a nutcase and psycho and because of me, I destroyed his friendship with this girl.

The reasons I contacted her was one, I thought she should know that she is also being played and I also wanted to teach him a lesson, that lying to people is not okay.

My my question is, do you think I did the wrong thing by calling her? And why does he have the audacity to call me a nutcase and tell me I had no right to contact her, when he was doing the wrong thing by both of us?

your feedback would be greatly appreciated xx


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What Guys Said 1

  • It's natural you'd feel a little bad about this :) I wouldn't take it out too hard on yourself tho - you made the choice to text her... he didn't make you do it.
    And he made the choice to start texting his ex inappropriately, you didn't make him do it.
    You wouldn't have had the need to text her if he wasn't doing that in the first place.
    It's also kind of natural that he'd get pissed at you about it, and even more natural that you'd think "how dare you say that to me when you're the one cheating" xD been there, done that, lol.
    A lesson I learnt from a similar experience? Never look at your partner's phone. You learn FAR MORE by asking them to see their phone and from how they react to that ;-) that's how I caught my cheating wife out :P


What Girls Said 1

  • Sweetheart, you did exactly what you were supposed to do. Your sick boyfriend is the problem ! Break up with him please. How dare he cheat on you and then make this all about you when he should be embarrassed to death about what he did. He's an a**hole and so is his girlfriend. Don't stay with him, he wants to be with his stupid ex so let him be and find yourself someone worthy of you.


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