LDR do I stand a chance?

He wanted me to cancel plans on New Years broke up with me because I was acting out to get his attention and I embarrassed him in front of his family.. Funny thing is when I was with him and did this he had no problem sleeping with me then waited until we were apart to leave me not even 3 days... We have been together for 5 years almost and it's been 2 weeks that I've hear from him other than the cancelation text.. How do I get him back? I miss him so much.. Should I let him come to me,


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  • Honestly, ldr are offer more prone to complications.
    id walk away.
    its not worth the pain in the long run and based on what you have said, both have experienced a bit.
    just be happy with yaself and move on

    • We have been LD for most of the relationship

    • Exactly, and you are acting out for attention, he is using you for sec when he can... doesn't set hood foundations

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  • No but wif meh? Yes ;3

  • You can't. Oh well.

    • That's a bit harsh and cowardly ANONYMOUS

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    • No I want him back no one is lined up my friends have people they want to set me up with I had guys I knew prior to us being together... I never cheated on him why am I answering you..

    • Because you know I'm right and because I'm the only person who can help you.

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