I'm just not in love with him what to do?

To make a long story short, my boyfriend which i dated for almost 2 years now moved in with me about 3 months ago.
Ever since he moved in with me it doesn't feel right.
He has a bad mood a lot, when i ask him what's wrong he tells me: I can't be happy all day.
We don't have a lot to talk about sometimes i just sit on the sofa thinking what is he doing here?
I've noticed we don't have the same sense of humor at all.
When I try to tell him something he's not interested at all.
He talks over me a lot.
His stories are far more interesting then mine i presume? ;S

I already know he's not the one for me when he speaks about marriage I feel like crying.
I thought about breaking up with him a lot, but he moved so many miles away from home to be with me, he left everything behind his home, his possessions, his job everything..
I feel so guilty, I know when i break up with him he has no place to go other than his parents...

What should I do?
Give it some more time maybe I have to get used to this new situation... I'm just sick of feeling sad all day..


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  • Wow... Who suggested the move? you or him?
    its one thing to date someone, its another thing to live with them Im not surprised that you guys aren't going so hot after the move. before there was anticipation, suspense,... etc, now... nothing. now you get to see the Other side of the person. other side you aren't ready for. 2 years was too soon. Im sorry i can't come up with a way to let him down softly.. break ups hurt regardless especially in this situation. Also, didn't you think it was a little fishy that someone would willingly leave Everything to move in with you, without plans or nothing?
    You can try giving it more time, but you will only be delaying the inevitable, your relationship has run its course. sometimes you've gotta be cruel to be kind.


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  • It's easier (less expensive, hardship, dysfunction) doing it (breaking up) now then if / when you get married. If it doesn't feel right now.. it isn't right..

  • You don't like him. Oh the fuck well. He's been given a shitty hand.


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