Ex said she loves me but won't contact me?

Before I get started. please click my profile and find the question, "is this craigslist weirdo my ex."

Read that? Good now we are up to speed. If not: Posted a missed connections trying to find my ex, got weird replies in the MS section, Determined it was her.

I edited my message after i had doubts it may have been her. I saw another ad from her flipping out and calling me a liar that I tried to cover it up by deleting part of my message. I edited my message again. She posted another message saying that she owed me nothing.

That pissed me off. so I edited my message again not holding any anger back. I knew she was trying to push my buttons, so i let her see what I'm like if she does. I busted her on everything she did wrong in the past. reminded her of some good things as well. Said that unless she stops her games, there is no future with me. I just want some explanations, tell me something real that I know is from you.

The strange replies stopped after that. A few days later I realized i felt much better getting all that anger out. Finally telling her things that I wanted to say. Realized that I was pretty much over her. I edited my message stating that I felt i had what I needed to move on. Apologized if i said anything that hurt her. Thanks for showing up up and helping me reach my goal. I reminded her that mind games didn't work with me in the past, they won't work now. I'll be fine now, take good care of yourself.

a Day later I get an email. Her name has J and A in it. not initials, but that's what the email said they were from. The title was: i love you. the message was blank, and was a reply to my craigslist ad. I figured she was maybe trying to mess with me, or telling me what i asked "... just tell me something real.." So I made a little thoughtful ditto reply. not asking for anything. and left it at that. several days later, no response. Thoughts?


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  • I would give her a week to cool off.


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  • Uhh... she sounds crazy. Maybe she is/wasn't crazy to you, but from your original question about your ad and your ex replying to this one, I think she is legit insane. Maybe it's the whole cryptic crap she does, either way wouldn't go through with it at all.

    • Well, she does have a psychological disorder, called borderline personality disorder. So yeah, she IS kind of crazy. She drives me absolutely crazy. I just happen to know who she is underneath all that and THAT person is worth it to me.

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