Is my ex boyfriend an a-hole?

I broke up with him two weeks ago because I've been stressed out and busy and he wasn't happy anymore but he thinks ge loves me and was happy. I told him we could be friends and try again later but i might see some people. We hung out twice and had sex but i needed some space so i stopped contacting him. Then he sends this text..

I'm not doing this friends thing. I feel like your just using me for comfort and then will just cut me off one day when your ready to move on. If i wasn't good enough then just let me go or be real friends.

What is this real friends thing about. He doesn't want to be friends but says be real friends. I didn't force him to have sex.


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  • I couldn't agree with him more, although I don't know what real friends means.

    I've never understood why people are friends with exes. Why should he sit and idle by while you have your fun with other guys, leaving him to wonder if he'll ever get another shot with you.

    You both need to move on. Screw the friendship, stop having sex, and don't get back together. Your best bet... agree with him... say you wouldn't use him but you're fine with not being friends. And if you do wanna be friends, odds are you're keeping him at bay as a future last resort. Move on.


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  • It seems at the moment he is your friends with benefits . Real friend for him probably mean no sex. The thing is he still in love with you. So it kind of impossible for him to be friend. I don't think he is an asshole.


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  • No, he is not an asshole. Not at all. He wants to continue with a relationship, and you want to be 'just friends' even after being in a relationship. I would have done the same thing if I were in his place. There's no way I would be willing to become 'just friends' with an ex who dumped me.

    That 'real friends' part may be something which he himself doesn't know, and just sent it when his mind was messed up.

  • No he's telling you how he feels. He wants to be in a relationship with you and can't be just your friend. Friends with benefits won't work for him either, he wants substance. So if you don't like him that way then you need to cut him off, as he suggests.


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