I'm married... but this guy wanted me to get divorced?

I've been with this guy for 15 years off and on as his bootycall. Even though it was never clear what our relationship was he always wanted head but would cuddle and make out with me as well. We lost touch, I got married, and now he is back. He has told me that he loves me and that he messed everything up for us in the past. He told me he wants me to get a divorce and marry him. This is a big deal because I have always loved him! We talked for over a year before we saw each other again. When we were finally face to face all the same feelings were there. I've seen him several times since then and we always ended up in bed together. I'm scared of his intentions because of our past. Unfortunately I've brought that up a lot and it seems to bother him. The last 3 times I've seen him he's taken me to dinner (a first for us and even paid) and the other two we've just cuddled on the couch watching TV and I barely got a kiss from him. My question is had he lost interest or is he trying to prove this time is different from the past?
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  • Y u intrested in the idea? Do u love ur husband? And if u already have kids that would be big pro ur family will broke if u happy with ur husband forget the idea to divorce but if he's bad husband and maybe hiting you will no doubt u should divorce but just bcoz u love that guy u intrested in his idea I dont think its good idea , if u see bad things in ur husband better u discus and fix it but divorce is the last choice and it will be big pro if u have kids hope u think clearly


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  • Yet another cast iron not to get married.

    He may have lost interest, he be trying to prove to you that he's different.

    Why don't you ask him?

  • He may loved u more than he used to b
    Because love is love
    We missed our lover more when we get split



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