Did I move on too quick?

I'm in just a bit of a conundrum here.

Last week I was dating a good friend of mine. The day After our second date, he started ignoring me completely, not answering my calls, ignoring my Facebook messages, but was still on Facebook , posting photos.

After a bit, I was kinda expecting he'd break up with me, but I still complained a bit to my friends, because I hate being ignored. Well, he did leave me. Broke it off with me in a Facebook message, but said he still wanted to be friends.

A couple days later, he blocked me on Facebook. To me, that says he wants nothing to do with me anymore.

I figured I needed to move on after that, and a few days later, I met another guy.

A friend of mine says I'm throwing my body at men, and I'm a slut for moving on so quick. He says I should've mourned longer and stayed single

Is he right? Did I move on too fast?
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Me and the first guy only dated a week


Most Helpful Guy

  • Your friend is a goddamn idiot, that's what it is. Sounds like someone's yealous.

    HOWEVER she has a point that you should wait at least 3 months with dating aftr having broken off something serious. But this isn't serious, hell you hardly got to know him, so yeah... go ahead.

    • The guy and I dated like a week

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    • Him and I were old friends, he's a bit of moron at times. I wasn't happy about a break up, but hey, I only held him b in a romantic state of mind for a week. No need to mourn

    • nope, there isn't. You gave him a shot, he blew it. His loss

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What Guys Said 2

  • Your friend is peanut butter and JELLY!

    You went out with a guy twice, and then stopped seeing him. For whatever reason he blocks you on Facebook. So you dated another guy instead.

    This is how dating works? Why should you 'mourn' someone you barely even got started with?

  • Sounds like your friend is just a jealous guy who's stuck in the friend zone, so he is judging you because you moved on to another guy who is not him. You owe it to nobody to wait, you could miss out on the love of your life!


What Girls Said 6

  • Every time when I broken up with my ex. Next day I just have new dating. The thing is guy ask me out dating. So I just take my opportunities. What is about my friend. My sadness is mine. They don't feel with me. I just move on and get out of sadness. I always try as fast as I can. However, you should be honest with your new dating too. I told them truth that I just broken up and I wanna move on. All of them just ok with that. And It was pretty good. Good luck!!

    • Ib like your take on it. If me and the dude had dated longer, I'd give myself some time. But we dated a week. Yeah it hurt, but him blocking me got the message across loud and clear

    • Just one week? Well, I probably dating another guy also. I won't even set up with him. So I don't think it is too fast. If you date him for 3 months or longer. I think it may too fast. However, I think of myself if i'm ready for new dating.

  • You don't need to mourn over an idiot. If that guy blocked you for no reason he's an asshole and if you met someone that you like, move on!!! don't feel bad about it and embrace it

    • I'm embracing what I have now

    • Great for you. That's why we have to live ugly things, to appreciate more the good ones that will come after

  • That's way too fast. I mean I don't think you're slut for moving on too fast though, I just think you fall to easy and maybe that's why you get hurt often.

  • Your friend is an idiot. Only you decide how long you need to "mourne" over a relationship. I actually applaud you for realizing that last guy was shit and totally not worth your time or emotions.

  • Your friend is a jerk. He doesn't want you to be happy.

  • 2 dates isn't even a relationship. You shouldn't have waited for him to "break it off", it should have been obvious.

    Sounds like you joined him through texts and fb.

    You need too be alone because you seem desperate.

    • I don't know why my phone turned 'harrassed' into joined?

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