Why is my ex bf texting me saying happy Thanksgiving but he left me for another girl saying I'm stupid a day before?

My ex left me after to 2 half years for a girl that work at his job. That I new he was acting sneaky about. He had a really bad guilty conciouence always accusing me. But he left me and yes I was mad.. So he still wanted to be friends and I wasn't having it so he was noisey trying to see who I was messing with a week after we ended.. so I told him to leave me alone. He kept trying to be friends. After that I told him he knew what he was doing he was pushing me away so I can not like him. And I told him he wasted 2 years and 10 months to like sombody else. He texted me back mad at me saying I'm stupid and annoying when he the one who text me when he has a gf. Why Is he doing me like this? What is his problem? And he texted me saying happy thanks giving when yesterday he was calling me names.


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  • He probably feels guilty and want to be friends so he can tell himself he didn't do you any harm.

    • Why would he care though he called me all these mean things and just up and left me for sombody else.. knwin he been being so mean to me for 1 half months before we broke up... tried to control me and pazz out on me when he feels insecure.. then he leave me all by myself. But wants me to talk to him. Why

    • Guilt is powerful, though insidious, and works strongest when people don't ADMIT they feel guilty!

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  • Cuz being unstable and douchebag is for free dear. And he is one of those ones. Move on, dont answer... I wouldn't even bother to think of him and wish him happy Thanksgiving.

    • I'm not wishing him nothing he just keeps playing with me making me feel like shit because he wants to be with other people

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    • As I said, he is just trying to mess with your head. Don't let him.
      Look at yourself. Miscarriage is such a huge thing, huge loss to deal with, and you did it all by yourself.
      You are already strong. Don't give him a chance to make you feel like you are nothing. You have already proven yourself to be strong!

    • Yea your right... Ima keep on moving on

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