What should I do? I want a relationship but?

I broke up with my bf because we kept fighting. after 2 weeks I tried to get back together. He said "I dont think its a good idea" I said "Alright" and left it at that. He wanted to stay friends. I said ok but after 2 weeks I said "I no longer want to be friends.
He disagreed at first but after a while we agreed. I told him we should move on. Cut contact.

After 2 weeks he contacts me asking me about school and work. I respond. Halfway into the conversation he gets dirty and sends a pic of his penis (he was horny). Then says "If you ever want to (sex) dont be scared to ask". I didn't say a word.

He tried to hangout with me. I said no at first then he offered to give me my stuff back." You want your stuff back right?"
I said sure. We made plans for him to drop it off. He never showed. The next day he texts me "I forgot to tell you I could not make it" I said "Sure" Because I knew that was a lie.


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  • I don't think he sees you as someone special. I mean he could be using you and you probably wouldn't know it. Don't let someone stump all over you or treat you like a sex toy. If I were you I would cut off all contact with him and never speak to him again.


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  • This guy doesn't see you as you see him. Just really cut the contact. Don't ever speak to me. Don't let him use you.

  • I think he basically sees you as more of a sex toy rather than a friend.


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