Does my ex boyfriend want to get back together?

I broke up with him about a week ago. He was really getting on my nerves and I really didn't feel wanted. I hate being with someone who ignores me and that's exactly what he does. He never made time for me, never talked to me, always argued when we did talk, etc. I know he loves me, but he was being an asshole. After I broke up with him, he called me constantly and kept bringing it up. He told me that he was hurt that I broke up with him and that it was really messed up for me to do that. I gave him chances to get his shit together before I left him and he didn't. He called me the other night and started talking about it again. He asked what I want from him, how he can be a better boyfriend, etc. We've been through this shit before and I'm tired of wasting my time. I tried being just friends with him, friends with benefits, absolutely nothing, best friends, and none of them worked. Even if we're not together we act like it. And he doesn't want me to be with other people. I'm just not sure if he wants to be with me or not. One minute he's cool and actually talks to me then the next it's nothing at all. Do you think he wants to get back together or what?


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  • I think you did the right thing. If he has this bad habit of being hot and cold with you then then that is not right. I also think it will be hard for him to break this habit. And I feel if he really wants you back then he needs to change and show you how much you mean to him. You should never settle and he needs to show improvement.


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