Loving someone+realizing that he is one for you.. broke up now sending a letter to say thanks for loving me and showing me what love is?

Guys, would you read this letter from your ex? What are the do's and don't here? I dated this guy for a year and we've been broken up for about 4 months. I followed the break up protocol with no contact and took the time to focus on me and even dated a bit. I am writing this letter and sending it in a holiday card to him. I should have mentioned this above, but even taking time in such to do my own thing.. it doesn't feel right without him. Even being on a date with someone else I haven't felt any spark or chemistry. In my gut and heart I know he is the one. I can't go a day without one thought of him and I have never felt more connected to someone or had similar interests with. I realize it's a two way street and if he is happy, I won't get involved. I love him. He makes me so happy more than anything. . In the pit of my stomach I can't not do anything. Advice?

It is my wish, that this gift brings you a smile today. I hope it makes you light up just like when you opened your movie posters :) Holidays, this time of year are a favorite of mine, as you know.. and above all of that.. brightening someone else's day is what I love to do. A little cheer and holiday gift to tell you thank you. The support and faith you gave me, I am forever thankful. Your belief gave me the determination I never knew I had to grab that job of mine! I'm the newest Designer/Sales Assistant on King Business Interiors team; working on the Toledo market clientele. It's truly amazing to see the passion and hard work ethic in action. I hope your finding the same at work and love helping others with your talent.

Maybe again, we'll cross paths but for now all I want is for you to keep up that handsome smile of yours. Smile daily, and I promise you that girl will be so taken by you. I always was. And honestly, I still am.

Treat yourself to that new movie you've been wanting to see and catch the latest showing of A Christmas Story!

Happy Holidays + Belated 26th Birthday.



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  • Its called a closer letter they are very healthy and honestly great to write after a really hard break up. I have written a few in my day. I remember one I started so pissed off after my ex had told me how great her new BF was. The letter started as me just venting about how I was not that bad and why I appreciated are time together and by the end I was wishing her well and actually happy for her. I have no idea if she read it lol. But if it was me I would read it I always enjoy well wishes from people and its always nice to know people do not hate you.


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  • I think you should send it. I saw the message you wanted to convey in what you wrote and if he feels something for you, he will know you are open to something too. I am a romantic, and the more I realize life is finite and the challenges of finding that special someone can be daunting, the more I like to see everyone succeed. Go for it, stay positive, and best wishes!

  • Not sure mentioning work is a good idea, but that's sweet. I wish I received a letter like that from my ex's!


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