Seeing your cheating ex at a party?

What would you do if you saw your ex boyfriend (he cheated that's why you broked up) at a close friend's party after 1-3 months? And he starts talking to you? Would you act like you're not bothered and be nice to him so he sees that he doesn't matter to you or would you ignore him and tell him to you leave you alone and be mad at your close friend for inviting him?


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  • don't know, sure, this is an awkward situation.

    I'd make the best of it. I'd ask close friend what was going on. Friend may be friends with both people and tough to pick sides. I think I act neutral not one way or another to ex.


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  • I wouldn't act not bothered, but I wouldn't just ignore him either. As long as he doesn't come up to you, all good. If he does try to talk to you, I'd be all like: Sorry hunny, this ship has sailed. Shoo.

    Your friend can invite whomever they want. Maybe she wants to get with him? *shrug*

    You need to be civil, and you need to not start a scene, but you have no obligation to be nice, nor to not call him out. You shouldn't bring him up (you're above him), but you don't need to play with him.


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