Please help almost 2 weeks no contact?

It's coming up on 2 weeks no contact with my ex.. The only contact he made was to cancel plans. We broke up because I kept acting out to get attention.. We have been together for 5 years LDR and I really want him back even willing to fly out to see him any advice would be great please help


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  • Time and space and take it slow, your energy is what got you into this mess. Taking things slow will show him you have control. Give it another week then ask him how he has been. Do not start a full blown convo. Just drop it after "im doing good". The give it at least 4 days and ask the same thing. Then wait 3 days and ask him the same thing but start a convo this time. Keep it brief. Keep repeating this pattern. Eventually get to where you guys can talk very briefly every other day or so. At some point around there ask him if you can talk about "us" tell him you understand that you probably won't get back together but that you want to talk to help you get closer and be a better person. Which should be true, learning how you made him feel and the things you did will help you. If you guys are vibing keep having these talks and they will lead back to a relationship. If he shuts out the topic you are probably at best friends.


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  • 2 weeks no contact is not long enough. Give it another week. Don't Crack yet. But after another week and still no peep from him at all... I'd get the message.


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