I woke up crying because I miss by ex boyfriend!

I woke up in floods of tears, it's like I can't even escape the pain when I'm asleep- somehow it finds me. I miss him so much that I can't function, I have tried to reconcile but he didn't seem interested and said that he doesn't even miss me. I can't even put into words how heartbroken I am. I don't know what to do, he's my everything and more. How do I get him back?

I have expressed this all to him and nothing seems to work, I still get the cold shoulder.


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  • Me too
    3 we will get better everything will turn out good. And if he doesn't love u enough to give you a chance- his not even worth ur tears that's what I realized, but I'm the one that broke up, I love him with my whole heart, and whole soul, but, I never heard of people dating over the internet, & I don't know why I'm crying, I don't know how I can fall in love with someone so far away.
    I'm stupid
    I hate love
    but- I love him
    >> lets just breath- and see what happens.
    I pray that everything turns out ok for u, you love him, that's y u were crying.

    • I do love him, I miss him everyday and I want him back, I would do anything. I don't want to move in thinking that he will see me moving on and then comeback but I don't want to move on and he moves on too because that would crush me. I'm sorry to hear about your situation, it's possible to fall in love with anyone, no matter how far or near, a connection is a connection :) I hope you get better soon x x x

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    • You're welcome and I'm better than before, thanks for asking. Happy holidays?

    • I'm glad ya are:):) yes:) happy holidays to u too😊 xo

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  • Im so sorry for how you feel, no one should feel that way it sucks
    you should find yourself some friends, you are probably alone and that is why you are missing him so much
    friends will help you get through these tough times and in a few months ull be asking yourself "What in the world was i so sad for"

    • Thanks. You're right, I have seculded myself from people :(

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    • its natural and almost happens to everyone
      thats why breakups suck
      and well its your choice, i won't force you but i would still emphasis the importance of friendship and you talking to new people

    • Thanks :)

  • "I have expressed this all to him and nothing seems to work, I still get the cold shoulder. "

    Well, doesn't this say it all? :-\ I know this isn't what you want to hear, but maybe it's time to move on.

    • I know it says it all but I'm still in denial, nothing hurts like this.

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