Should my girlfriend and I break up?

I know I'm very young and haven't the slightest idea of anything love related yet, but right now I'm dating a girl and I feel that I'm in love with her, or at least the closest thing to love that I've ever felt. We had both wanted each other for years, and we luckily ended up together, which seemed like a miracle at the time. Nowadays I'm not sure.
"Nowadays," being about 5 months into the relationship, I'm not sure if I should end it or not. Summarily, I love her, and I know she loves me, but I often times feel sad and angry in this relationship, maybe even more often than I am happy. That sounds like a deal breaker, but when I'm with this girl, I'm as happy as ever, and I'm reminded that I'm deeply in love with her. These conflicting emotions make it hard for me to decide what to do, I often question whether or not she is right for me, because we have different morals, values, etc. I'm banking on breaking up, but just thinking about it brings me to tears, I'd much rather stay and be happy with her, but she does so many things to upset me (without meaning to). I just want some outside opinions. Of course, nobody can know the relationship better than I, and therefore nobody but I could make the decision. I'm just confused, and scared, and 15 years old, which makes things worse because I know nothing.


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  • you shouldn't take this relationship seriously. i dont want to patronise you but you're so young. you WILL change as a person. life is too short. you will likely meet someone else who will blow you away but any amount of unhappiness is not worth the stress at 15. you got stuff to be getting on with


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