Im not sure if I love my boyfriend anymore?

we have been together for a 3 years. he's lovely but Im a different person around him than with my friends. i started pulling away and he just got nicer to me hoping i wouldn't leave him. im terrified he might propose. i dont think this is a normal reaction. how do you know when to leave someone? what was your tipping point? he's my best friend, he knows everything but i dont know if he's the one.


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  • I would say be honest with him. It is going to be really hard to tell him that you no longer love him (as a girlfriend) and it will crush him and hurt you too, but you have to do whats going to make you happy. Dont put his feelings before your own. How can you make him happy if your not happy with yourself?


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  • I can't stand people like you have sombody invest so much into you for you to up and leave them. Next time think twice before you get with somebody. And when you here about him treating a girl right while the next guy you with do you the same way you did him you will feel really broken.. if you need to take time to yourself before making sombody feel like shit. Trust me I was in his situation.


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