How do guys deal with a "broken heart" or a break up? #confusion?

My ex and I had a mutual break up after which he was ice cold and rude towards me. He never gave a reason for him wanting us to break up but my gut feeling was that we wouldn't last and I told him that. Despite him missing me, he had difficulty expressing himself and chose to not deal with our break up. I do however still have strong feelings for him. I stopped having contact with him for almost 3 months now.

Lately I've been told that all he listens to are songs about love and being heart broken. All I can think, is how is it possible for him to be "heartbroken" when he treated me like "S***".

Basically, I want to know how do men deal with break ups or a 'broken heart''? I don't understand why he is listening to these hectic songs about being heart broken. Lol because his actions are confusing me :/


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  • It depends on his level of maturity. If in his 18+ years he didn't learn how to speak or communicate properly, then that's what he'll rely on- poor communication and self pity. If he is more mature, then he would attempt to be more straight forward and honest, and less passively-aggressive (flat out mean for not apparent reason).
    From my personal experience, it's very difficult for both parties to respect each other after a break up. I'm sorry that I didn't really answer your question, but if he really changed after the break up, then you've answered your own question -he's dealing with a heart break.
    Not sure what else to say.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, he is very immature still and he is 23. I'm also in my early 20's. However, he even got another woman to speak to me over the phone and afterwards blocked me on whatsapp. I did the same however blocked him on Facebook etc too so there's nothing more from my side. I was still there for him after our break up because his past gets to him too and even that was treated with an ice cold response. So that's why I'm struggling to see why he suddenly listens to songs that's related to being heart broken.

    • What did that other woman talk to you about?

    • She just answered the phone and said he was busy and couldn't talk right now and hung up on me. I broke all contact with him after that. :)

  • Who told you he listens to the sad love music and isn't he with another girl now?

    • A mutual friend who is close to both of us. He confides in him all the time. He doesn't have anyone else lol hence my question.

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    • Well I frankly think you are wasting too much thought on someone that is not making a decent effort at making you feel good about yourself.

    • That's true... I just want to get him off my mind now :) this has been a bit of a set back :).

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