Guys, what method of breakup would bother you more?

Been seeing guy for over a year. Says he loves me but admits to commitment problems. Never took dating profile down and played minds games with my heart. I just saw him IM on match. I want out but also in a fuck you way.
Just text goodbye and never respond again.
Or say nothing and just delete his number. He will text or call me over the weekend but I'm going to ignore.
What would bother u most? I feel so vengeful he knowingly hurt me.
We r great friends and r close but I'm sick of feeling used.
How about telling him I met someone else who wants to spend time with me.


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  • I think what bothers a person the most when they've been deceiving another person, like in your case, is hearing the truth. Tell him like it is and that he should be ashamed of himself for doing what he did to you rather than just tell you he wanted out and then told you a couple reason why without placing blame on you, especially if you were being faithful and loyal on your part. You should tell him you enjoyed the time you spent together but glad you were able to find out what he's really like before you invested more time with him. Now you can move on. Maybe he doesn't have a conscious when it comes to stuff like that. After that you want to just ignore him and never respond again unless he wants to talk with you in person, and you can make that decision at the time if you want to listen to him or not. Who knows, he could have a complete change of heart and so could you. It's always good to leave the door partially open at the ending of any good relationship unless you know you have lost all interest. Good luck!. . .


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  • Now, now.. I think you should be mature about this; you are a grown women after all. You can calmly express your feelings to him (i. e., the pain and disappointment he's caused). Afterwards, you can tell him that you think it's best to part ways. This method is clean and mature. You definitely don't want to be that "crazy ex" that he talks about with all his friends. Seriously. Don't be the girl that he laughs at. Don't try to get "revenge." You'll end up looking stupid and/or pathological.

    Your revenge is to act strong, even if you don't feel strong, move on, and look your best.


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  • On topic, the saying nothing option would hurt more. Goodbye is at least a hint that something is up, and the realization that it's over would come quicker. Saying nothing at all would personally drive me insane because I would have no idea and it would bother me a lot more just trying to figure out what's up.


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