My ex doesn't even look at me?

it's been 4 mothns since we broke up and when school started he was nice to me and said hi to me when we saw each other on the street... but it's been sometime now that when he sees me i can tell he looks at me with the corner of his eye but when i look up he looks away or looks past me... what's up with him? why he changed his attitude so suddenly?


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  • Maybe he feels guilty about something that transpired between you both..


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  • Maybe its that he's moving on and feels a sense of awkwardness when he sees you because you're his ex. Maybe he looks at you and remembers everything and just doesn't want to any more. It just depends on the type of relationship you guys had as well.

    • well... it was a good relationship i guess we were always laughing and joaking and having a good time... we were sa similiar i could even guess what he was thinking without him telling me anything... but suddenly he stops talking to me like before i got mad and didn't talk to him anymore and i also unfriended him on fb.. we haven't talked since then

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    • i dont know... we were back from vecations and we haven't talked that muxh so it didn't feel like we were toghether anymore so we didn't talk to each other anymore

    • and a friend that asked him told me that he is still single so no im guessing the wasn't someone else

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