Should I contact my ex to get my stuff back?

I'm almost done my 30 day no contact period with my ex and it is definitely working in that now I'm seeing that our breakup was for the best and I can really move on. When we broke up he didn't bring me the stuff I had left at his place during our relationship and since I wanted to start no contact right away I didn't ask for it immediately. Well now that my 30 days are nearly up I really want some of that stuff back (clothes, lotions, etc) but at the same time I'm scared that I'll undo all that progress I made. Should I contact him once my 30 days are up or just accept the fact that those belongings of mine are now gone.


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  • if you scared that you might loose your ground then why not ask a mutual friend to ask him that and pick it up for you?

  • yes you should. Get your stuff back.


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  • Personally, I really think you should go get your stuff. 'Cause if you do you'll have nothing to do with him at all and you can continue to move on :)


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