Ex-boyfriend doesn't speak to me at school, is this normal?

So, my ex and I have been broken up for roughly 3 months now. We go to the same (small) school, and see each other very often because we share 3 classes with one another. Given that we're always around one another, is it normal that he doesn't really speak to me? I just figured that since we share so many classes, it only makes sense to pass some small talk or just be casual from time to time. However, if there's an opportunity to talk, he doesn't really take it. He doesn't flat out ignore me, he just acts like im another person in the room. Our breakup was more or less mutual (things "weren't working out"), we had no hard feelings towards one another when it happened, and he seems completely recovered at this point. We grew very close and i'd say it was pretty serious, but after summer i guess something was off. The first month or so after we broke up, we were pretty distant towards one another because we were both figuring things out. At first, he said he wanted friendship. Then, he said he's just being nice to me because that's how he is with everyone. THEN, he told me that he won't go out of his way to speak to me because that implies a closer relationship. He recently just said that he tries to act normal with me, has no negative feelings towards me, and in general feels "neutral" about everything. At times he's made a point to casually speak to me very briefly, but for the most part there's nothing -- for example, the other day at school, we crossed paths and were walking parallel to one another for a couple of minutes, and not a single word was exchanged. Is this normal? I can't help but compare myself to his last ex, who he kept in touch with for months and clearly cared about... they dont go to the same school, but even when we were dating i know they would text each other every so often. I just feel confused why he seems to be acting the complete opposite with me...


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  • Um of course its normal. Who talks to their ex? That's just awkward.


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