My dumper is trying to be friends?

its been less than 2 months but since my ex boyfriend dumped me he has gone between, not wanting to talk at all, wanting to be fuck buddies, & wanting to be platonic friends... out of those 3 things his actions have matched platonic friends most. whenever it came time to actually cut me off he would call and say he doesn't want me completely out of his life but that we can never be together again.

I don't know what to do i still love him and want to be with him & if i knew for sure that being his friend could lead to reconciliation i'd do it. but he calls me "bestie" & it makes me feel sick.

i just dont want to spend the next ouple months being his friend to hear him say he has a gf... i have good men interested in me right now but i have no interest in them.. i dont want to sleep with them or anything because im scared my ex will one day say we can try and & will've ruined everything... he'd never tell me not to he'd say do whatever i want...

I don't know if im wasting time because we may eventually have to cut each other off anyway.. or if i should try to be his friend..


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  • First and foremost, I am sorry for what you have experienced. What he has done sucks big time. And there is not much else to say about that.

    That said my advice is: Move On. I know you still love him, but he knows it too. He does not have the respect enough for you to leave you alone. If he did, he would know that you are very raw and you need time to heal. Instead he wants to pretend like everything is no big deal and things are cool for you and oh by the way, you will put out for him anytime he has an itch.

    I suspect that is not really who and how you are. So why let him treat you that way? Life is too short wasting it on a dude that isn't respecting you. Let it go and set your eyes ahead. There is nothing to see behind. At least not with this dude.

    I wish you well...


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