What do you think of this type of breakup?How shoud I handle this?Can I try to get her back?

I met a girl in may, it was routine for me to go out and flirt with girls. I don't hurt them! I searched for the perfect match. The girl i met was somebody i wanted to know better for a serious relationship. So i texted her for a big 2 months. In those 2 months we met 4 times. I felt that she was interested, and the next time she was colder. Up and down etc. My friend knows the girlfriend of my date, but she is not intrested. So my friend and i made jokes about that girlfriend by TEXT. Men-like-jokes (filthy ones). I wanted to go on a date (3) with her, but she went sick. I understand the fact, but i was a little disappointed. The next weekend i dated (4) her and kissed her. I was verry happy, and she too of course. The weekend after we went out for dinner for her birthday. I ordered a table in a high class restaurant. The day of our date she told me she can't becouse of a blister on her lip. Again i was disappointed. My mother asked how i was by TEXT. I told her the situation. My mother sended me; Don't let you down by that stupid *****. I've met bad girls in the past, thats the reason she wrote something like that. I called my "girlfriend" and convinced her that its not a big deal to go out and eat with a fever blister. after the date everything went really good. i was really happy to have a girl to be proud off. I saw a future with her (finally somebody i wanted to share my life with). 3 weeks later she is at my home, and has my cellphone in her hands. She asked me to read some text messages. I said its okay, becouse i have nothing to hide for you. But i forgot the bad TEXT messages about her... She has read them. She was verry angry. I told her the situation. I wrote her a deeply emotional letter. She even cried about it. I told her i wanted to do everything to make it up. The next week she went on vacation with her girlfriend. While on vacation she sended me a TEXT: "i don't want to go on, you deserve better"... I was really depressed... never saw her again...


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  • Wow u forgot to delete it wow !! I think it's ur disteny u r not meant to be

    • She could forgive me? if i read messages like that about me, i go angry but not dumping someone after all the effort they made...

    • I think u have 1 more chance but if u fail again u will feel worst , did u see the movie of Penelope cruz she is cooker but she left her husband anyway I remember a scene her husband took guitar band and sing in front of her home in way to make her forgive him :) I doubt if u will do that but if u really like that girl give it a try y not buy keep n mind she may refuse u again :) sounds like crazy idea hahaha goodluck

    • Hah! Thanks man! :D i think i'm just gonna send a message by new year and see what that brings up. i first need to get over it so it won't hurt me that mutch.

  • This is a block of text. A block. A literal BLOCK.

    What do you want? Summarize in like two sentences what's actually wrong since bulletpoints and the enter key evaded your abilities.


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