Why is my ex emailing pics of us?

So long story short. Ex girlfriend dumped me about 4 months ago for an LDR.. Let her string me along for a couple months then found out about other guy and walked away.
Lately I've been getting random texts, a request to meet up, she showed up at my job the other day and last night emailed me a pic of us together with the caption "always my favorite one".
I do still love her but I will not put myself out there again without some insight as to what she might be trying to do.
Is she interested again or am I being played as a backup? I haven't initiated any contact with her and I respond to very little.
Last night was a call around 1030 from her number with silence on the other end... Now like I said I do still love her and I don't mind answering once in a while as long as it doesn't affect me badly. But, these games aren't going to work either. If I'm wrong someone correct me but SHE dumped ME, and did it for another guy on top of it. Soo my thoughts are that if she wants something then the least she can do is be up front about it. Am I wrong?


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  • She couldnt get what she wanted from the other guy and she noticed what she lost and no she is just being bitch to come back because she cannot deal with herself alone and probably she is that kind of girl who cannot be single more than a month. I would firmly tell her not to text me again and i woukd just simply move on to a better girl who will not just simply dump me for another person. Unnecessary waste of time if you meet her and talk to her. Just move one, dont answer, dont even bother to think about her.


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  • She misses you and who knows maybe getting back together is the right thing BUT and this is a big BUT, take things super super slow. Make her work for it. Talk about why she left every detail and make he talk and explain herself and earn her way back. :)

    • I feel like I'm tripping over myself because I do think she might miss me but she hasn't said anything like that. I do agree with you completely that she would have to work for it and it would be slow.. Not because I'm trying to be a jerk or to put her through any trouble BUT because it would take a LOT to get me to trust her AT ALL.

    • People hate to say what they are feeling. When is the last time you confused your unyielding love to someone you WHERE NOT dating? Most people in most situations struggle to share their feelings. Showing up at your work is borderline stalker ish and you didn't even mention thinking that here. Im guessing you both still care. She is trying to remind you about you guys because she is afraid of the EXACT same things that you are. She wants to get you back but she doesn't want to look the fool and just ask to hear a no. Take it slow and start by TALKING to her.

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  • She miss you. I can't say she wanna play or not. The best thing you will know is meet up with her.


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