He has feelings for me but prefers to date other girls?

I don't understand this man, truly.

He dumped me in the Spring (short term fling) because he didn't want to have a girlfriend. He preferred sleeping around. After he dumped me, he started posting statuses on FB relating to subjects we had talked about, inside jokes... I didn't make a move, his loss. He played that game for about 6 months and stopped.

Fast forward, now his friend is telling me this guy still has strong feelings for me. He has happy and joyful memories with me and that although he's hesistant to contact me, he has feelings he doesn't want to admit to. Basically, he doesn't want to admit his feelings for me so he can move on to another girl.

Why? If he has "strong feelings", why does he prefer to move on?


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  • Don't play with fire, you're bound to get burned.

  • Sounds odd, kinda like he wants you on the side or something.


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