Is there any hope for a girl to want to get back together after a messy breakup where no cheating or abuse was involved just hurtful words?

I broke up with my girlfriend after a year. She wanted to get back together but I wasn't sure. She wanted to keep in contact so we did for close to a month and a half. Then suddenly She asked that we stop contact which I reluctantly agreed to. Then a month later contacts me again to tell me there was a sale at a department store. After chatting a bit I told her I wanted to get back together and she said she liked me but wanted to focus on herself and so couldnt be in a relationship. She even went as far as to say to avoid any relationships as it would be a rebound for the time being. Well I waited for her and attempted to get her back for 3 months. Then a friend said she was dating another guy the whole time just a few weeks after me. My ex said she didn't want to tell me as she didn't want to hurt my feelings and her personal life was her buisness. I was so mad and frustrated that I said some mean things about her past choices in life and her current judgement. After which she said how could we ever get back together after I said words that cut so deep? The rebound lasted 4 months and then HE dumped her. I'm just wondering if she will ever get over what I said and try contacting me or is she done? I have a no contact policy with her right now and I'm prepared to keep that going as long as it takes , I just want to know if it's realistic to assume she will ever contact me again. Also we were very serious to the point of marriage.


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  • If she is without dignity she will, but if she does have dignity she won't accept to get back to someone used hurtful words with her..


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