Parents lecturing boyfriend?

I cheated on my girlfriend while on schoolies.
She offered me a hall pass, I declined.
I didn't plan to, but it happened.

I told her the next day (called her up).
Supposed to go to hers next week to work out what we are going to do about our relationship.
Her parents want to be there to "talk to me".

My question is... Is it sensible to cop shit off of her parents?
Should I have to go through that?
We are both 18.


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  • If I had a daughter and you did that to her, damn straight you are going to hear from me. Why not? Her parents are worried you are going to keep hurting her.

    If you are contrite... take your medicine like a man. Say I am sorry. And don't do it again. If you want something different, man up and let her go. Hurting her sucks.

    You know that... you made a mistake. Admit it, take what's coming and move on.

  • You are a bad person. The fact that they want to "talk" instead of her dad shooting you is a pretty generous let off the hook.

    Cheating is cheating, and whatever your so special excuse you can make up, it is wrong.


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