How do I get over this guy? We both hurt each other and I don't know what to do?

So I met this guy just over a year ago at uni, in semester 1 this year i started having feelings for him than about a month and a half ago we went on a few dates and he admitted he really liked me and wanted to ask me out since we first met.
The day after our second date he texted me and said he wasn't going into uni that day and I didn't really think anything of it. Then the next day I didn't hear from him and stupidly thought that when he said he wasn't going into uni he meant that he didn't like me anymore (which was really upsetting and made me feel like he had been leading me on) so I texted him saying that I didn't want to see him again (which confused and hurt him). He then called and I realized how stupid I had been but I was too afraid to tell him the real reason I had sent the message which just made him more hurt and angry. He came into uni the day after I texted him but I was still to afraid to tell him so I made something stupid up. I met up with him twice after that then realized he was just been trying to sleep with me (because he knows i'm a virgin) probably for revenge which just hurts even more. Since then I have been avoiding him.
The last time I heard from him was about 2 weeks ago when he messaged me on fb asking if I was free the next day, I said no, then he asked when I was next free and I said I'd get back to him (but never did).
Please can someone give me some advice?
By the way I was scared to tell him because I thought it would make me seem crazy, needy or desperate
And the second date was over a month ago


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  • It seems like you two really liked each other. I had a similar case to you but with a crush. He never asked me out or anything I don't really mind. He was really sweet until he started avoiding me online for two months and in real life we barely talked because we were both shy. I was stupid and hated on him. He wanted to say sorry to me at school so he chased after me but he wasn't a fast runner like me, I totallt regret running off from him because I really did like him. If I were you I wouldn't let the chance escape from me especially if you do like him. Tell him the truth, I don't want the both of you to end up hurt like me and the guy I liked, I seriously did hurt the guy when I made it clear I would never want to hear an apology and when I heard from his friend that he had moved on I guess we both got crushed in the end. If you don't think the guys worth it then move on. You can always talk to me if you need help getting over a guy because I feel so alone getting over the guy right now, we can both get through this together :)

    • Thanks, I almost feel like its too late to tell him the whole story though, like he's probably already moved on because he was kinda a dick the last time I saw him in person...

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    • We were never official by the way, we just wen't on a couple of dates

    • Ok, thanks, I'll try :)

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