Ex always seems to come back after her other relationships fail. Why?

My ex fiancé and I dated for 5 years. I was her first for everything. We broke up about a year ago. She went out and got a rebound, had sex and then tried to come back but I refused because she disgusted me by having unprotected sex with another man. About 8 months pass.

I finally move on, I start dating someone; she starts dating another guy. They stop talking and she tries to get with me again. Once again I told her no.

I don't understand why she does that? She broke up with me, and I didn't really treat her right so why does she still try after I rejected her so many times?

I will be the first to say she's a good girl who deserves a good guy (which I'm not) so can someone please enlighten me why she keeps trying?


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  • Because you were her first. Most girls always remember their first. Especially if you guys were together for 5 years.


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  • Because all the other guys make you look like an angel, she still cares and loves you... nothing you can really say to make her feel different

  • Cause you're her first love, and the other guys probably treated her worse, making you the good guy.


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