How do you move on after 7 years :(?

Split with my ex of 7 years a week before my birthday due to her not being in love with me no more, we tried a couple times to make it work but it felt like she was forcing her feelings at times so she called it off again and now we haven't spoke since and that was 3 weeks ago but we split around 3 months ago first. We've been through something similar before a couple years ago but after a few months she found out i was meeting another girl n wanted me back, I don't think its gonna be the same this time and I'm finding it harder to let her go, no matter who i talk to or what i do i can't get her off my mind and it terrifies me thinking how much its gonna hurt when she meets someone. I just really don't know what to do and feel completely lost without her.


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  • Not an easy one bro. All I can say is you are going to have to Man Up and move on. You can do it. We all have. Find something to keep you busy and think about that. When you find yourself thinking about her, do what you need to, to think about something else. Time and Discipline is all you can do to fix this... you can work your way through it...


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