She is complicated what do you think?

She broke up with me saying she didn't love me then I don't talk to her for 3 days she says she misses me the next day she blocks me again I tell her I'll give her time to think and one day goes by and she messaging me again she says she wants to be friends but I want more than that I want a relationship with her I really love her I say she is the one but can we be friends and one day be together as a couple


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  • Then you should say how you feel. Sometime girl can't realize that easily. I took one year to understand my heart. lol


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  • If she is the one, then can you put up with that indecisive attitude for years? I doubt you would. Right not, maybe you're just infatuated.


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  • She's crazy, she just wants you attention, get rid of her

    • But the think is I love her I want her as my woman

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    • I can't tell you that because if you do I don't want you to come to me and cuss me out because you feel like you made the biggest mistake ever

    • I understand good looking out sir

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