Did I do big damage to myself by falling in my ex's arms again?

It was unplanned. We talked to each other and he wanted to see me, saying he misses me and wants me. I know he was sincere, and it was really a nice feeling.

But I resent it. He shows me love and says he loves me but he just seems too busy with his problems... He says he doesn't mean it and he knows he is the one to blame.

But I don't want to suffer with him all over again. I was depressed for a while because of him. He just disappears and swears he has no one else but me.

I know he loves me but I say he is not ready to commit.

Did I drag myself to misery after agreeing to see him?


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  • He should put you in the first place not his problems. If you believe in his love you can talk to him about your disappointment.


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