My now ex-best friend stole my girlfriend.

So we dated like 10 months and we we're deeply in love i was her second and she was my first gf and at that time i was really thinking of marriage and stuff<3 after 2-3 or months i introduced her to my best friend and actually told them to talk to eachother so she can meet and know my friends :D now before u tell me that she didn't loved me or else.. know this! after 5 months of relationship her NAZI DAD forbidden her to see me anymore but even through that hell she kept being with me for 5 months (she-s18 me 20) she even tried to confront him for me coz i never met him anyways only her mom :D furthermore last month of the relationship she gave a lot of red signds and as i was still deeply in love i didn't saw them and she was mentioning breaking up more often but i thought it's just one of her moments and neah i was nevermind :\ but now i see that was the time when he (DAT TRAITOROUS DEVIL!) started flirting with her a lot and he was giving me bullshit like : why don't u understand she doesn't love u anymore? let her free bla bla bullshit like that.. only to get her! ( he is an attention whore coz he got rejected by any girl he tried to hook up) after the break up i told him i will end the friendship if he doesn't leave her alone , fine he promised he will stop all contact with her until last evening i caught them both in the act ! in an old place i was meeting with her when we we're togheder.. they were laughing and being happy till i showed up and awkard silence began, he didn't spoke a word! she became defensive and felt threatened but i wasn't rude instead i trolled them a little and i've told them in the face i've cut them both out of my life and i acted happy coz i was! and left them both there in the dark went home blocked them everywhere dat's it! he is a depressive liar and with this cheating he lost more friends than only me, i think every1 lost his trust, i am sure she will leave him too , coz an hidden relationship won't work! they are trying to hide it


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  • So... where here is the question I am to answer? :3

    Well... Dude, the only thing I can say is that you made the right decision to let them both go, because they aren't worth your time. Though you may have made unforgettable memories of good and bad with both of them, you did right to give away the title of "best friend" and "girlfriend" from those two. After all, not all people can stay as a wonderful part of your life.


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  • Forgive, forget and move on. One things I know is he won't successfull if she doesn'tlike him too. If I love someone I couldn't see another guy in this world. I wonder he might not love you as much as you have love her. But you done well. Just like my first bf. It is same story.

    • hmm, same story? u got cheated on too? :v

    • Yes, my best friend and my bf. I found out in the same restaurant he was always brought me, in the same table. I was say hi. And walked away. Just like you.

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  • I have a rule. I don't ever go after another friends woman even if they have broken up ever. There are too many people in the world to go close to home.

    It is good that you found out now that you cannot trust your friend. You have seen first hand how small minded a woman can be, she never loved you and your friend would have thrown you under the bus on any issue.

    • same rule here bro! :D and yea... he is indeed a crappy traitorous person i'm even grateful to her for getting him out of my life! :3

  • Thats diffecult I remember mike Tyson once he said pepole keep dreaming until they get a punch exactly that happen anyway ,, its normal now u feel depressed and sad angry u dont need to forgive :) but u must leave them completly but y u dont see the light side of ur story it look like U ONLY LOVED HER SHE didn't LOVED U AS U DID the light side she did it now than later when she's ur wife as u plan to marry her
    I dont see its ur fault and its wrong if u blame urself just move on u can't change scorpion to good thing ;)


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