How do you tell someone you love that it's over?

The relationship has just reached its expiry date, how do I end it without hurting him?


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  • Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    This relationship is over,
    and I'm leaving you.

    There is no "right" way to do that, you just have to be honest and tell him the truth. Fact is, no matter what you say, it's going to hurt him. So you can only be honest.


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  • Its better to tell them directly. Then it is to just write it on a sheet of paper. Just come out and say what you are going to say. I think its best that they know anyways, sometimes its good to give a reason but that's only if you want too. Don't be rude or anything just try to be gentle with it. If you aren't happy in the relationship or you fell that you have fallen out of love with this person then maybe its best to end it. Don't feel bad or anything your doing the right thing.


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  • Tell him directly its better than giving false hope if u still act like everything is ok it will be worst later bcoz maybe he make plans for the future in that way if u late u will make it worst just tell him directly BUT in good way dont be rude and try to listen maybe he will say some bullshit but hold as u can IF u dont want to hurt him


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