Will my ex ever forgive me and take me back?

Me and my ex dated for 4 years. She was my first real girlfriend and i was her only boyfriend. We only had sex with eachother. She lived with me at my moms house for like 6 months when she had family problems. We started dating in high school and now we are 21. I made friends at my job in April and flirted with this girl on and off for two months. We hung out in a group with my co workers but didn't flirt only at work or snapchat. I never kissed or did anything with her or see her naked. Not that makes it any better. I stopped talking to her and the other co workers cus i felt bad doing it behind my girls back. She found out 3 months later. She broke up with me and about a week later kissed some guy spent the night at his house but she didn't like it and stopped. She now has guys on Facebook and tries to be all cute on instagram and stuff. It has been 3 months now and we had sex before Halloween but we haven't hung out since and haven't text in like 4 days. I miss her and love her and just want to know do you think she will ever forgive me? I tried to be sweet and buy her flowers and pictures of us framed and stuff and tell her the truth about everything but she still thinks i had sex with the girl which i dont blame her. She was a great girl to me and i wasn't the best boyfriend but i have so much love to give her and want to appreciate her. Please dont be mean to me i have no friends and these 3 months have been really hard for me i miss her so much and regret everything i did and how bad of a boyfriend i was. I wasn't the worst but i could have been better :(


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  • Personally, if I was you. Feeling like this, I would legit go to her house and speak with her. Not some begging type sht though. Just a 1 on 1 and just throw everything out, expose yourself for the man you once were and confess of how much of a douchbag you were, flirting and doing these things behind her back. Speak from what you feel about the stupid sht you did to make her leave you in the first place.

    Then, and only then will she possibly realize that you understood the gravity of this problem and you fully are aware that you'd never do it again.


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  • Tell her that you still love her and explain everything. Give her some time to think and probably one day she will give you a call and try to catch up again.


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