Why my ex wants sex when he has a girlfriend?

my ex and I were together for 12 years and have children together. we split 5 years ago. we have not seen each other for 3 years up untill a few months ago. he has a girlfriend of 4 years and wants sex with me, he txts me a lot but not so much recently. he vists once a week to see children but doesn't stay for long I suspect its cos of his girlfriend been unhappy with him been at my house he told me this so not sure if its true. any advice please


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  • I don't have kids but its not hard to imagine the attraction when you have a child with another person. Im willing to bet you want to have sex with him too, but are holding back because of the situation and your morality. it seems like he is probably having a crisis with his current gf and his feelings will rebound to his last comfort zone, You. You know what to do too.. you just want to see if you are right. Yes, you are right, don't have sex with him, and tell him to go fix whatever is pushing him your way.. thats right.. Tell him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Either she isn't giving him any or he enjoyed it more with you. Avoid him.


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