My ex hates me and I dont know.. any ideas?

My ex bf broke up with me out of nowhere saying he needed to focus on school which i thought was BS and i know he didn't meet a new girl or got tired of me , because he still made plans to marry me nd everything and we never had sex only oral and he loved it. He always said he loved me but as time went by he started coming up with random stories about me and other boys which I made clear to him was not true. And we were on good terms again and as time went by he slowly started distancing himself and then he gradually started hating which i have no clue why and when i ask him he sends me this long essay cursing me out with no reason. Its been a couple of months and till this day i still dont know y
Sex isn't a big thing to him.. i doubt tht.. plus he was with me 24/7 I don't know where u wld find the time to do that, which Idoubt he would because he was very loyal plus he could stick a little bit of the tip in without pushing it in all the way.. nd would cum literally in one minute: / so i. high doubt that


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  • I would let him go if I were you, I understand that's hard but sometimes the hardest thing to do is the best thing to do. My ex broke up with me right out of the blue about 9 months ago it was. He said the relationship was to hard, when he clearly did nothing. And so I asked him, "Are you breaking up with me? He said, "Yes." and I started crying I tried to hold it in but it was hard. It was like getting shot in the stomach pretty much. I think it was for the best, because he treated me bad. I was sore and broken for a couple of weeks and months but with time I learned to move on. I understand its hard to walk away from someone you love, I get that I've been there. But if you've done all that you can to save it and nothing works then its probably best to just cut it off or let it be. I would just let him be if I were you, no one deserves somebody like that. You should probably move on, I understand you are probably broken right now. But with time and just baby steps you will heal. I'm sorry to hear about what happened, but don't feel alone the same thing happened to me. But I fell out of love with me and never ever talk to him. I wish you the best of luck.

    • This made me cry a little but gave me hoope.. thank you 😊

    • No problem I'm ok now though I'm just focusing on school, he and I don't talk at all we are not friends or anything, we are more like strangers and just make awkward eye contact. My ex isn't mean to me or anything we just keep out distance from each other. Plus he broke up with me about 9 months ago and its been 9 months since we've talked. I've healed from the pain, and moved on and I just talk to other people and don't dwell on the past. My ex used some dumb break up line 'its not you its me." Which made me think it was me, and it was a warning sign for getting dumped. He didn't treat me right anyways, so I mean why bother? I hope you move on somehow and don't pay him any mind. Act like he doesn't exist if that helps you, I do it and it works for me. I know what kind of relationship I want now, and what ideal person I want.

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  • I am only responding to this because during my college years I remember telling my girlfriend (turned wife) that I could only see her once a week because of the difficult coursework I was facing that semester. We talked on the phone during the week, but I focused my energy on academics. I even studied on Friday (i. e. Party) nights!

    However there is NO excuse for drafting a narrative riddled with foul mouthed expletives. Distancing himself from you emotionally and physically is a very immature method of expressing his displeasure, whatever that might be.

    You are young and have many options in your life. It may be necessary for you and bf to have a serious face off regarding this relationship. At the top of the list should be the meaning of the "essay". People should never speak to another in such unkind words.

    It is very likely that unless you two have a serious meeting of the minds and determine where you both are headed. If that can't be done in a civil way then it's time to move on. Sorry to be blunt, but better now than when it really can hurt.

    Best Wishes

    • Thank u.. i understand. .. but its easier said than done.. Im in love with him so much

  • Let me tell you why and use your own words...
    "... we never had sex..."
    bro is frustrated lol...

    • Lolz... but i gave him bomb head and we were working on popping my cherry

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    • Im positive its not about sex

    • you can keep telling yourself that hon, funny part is that if Im wrong and its not about the sex... then it turns into the fact that he has seen someone else that WILL give him sex. so he's slowing moving away. would you prefer option 2?

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