Do you think I should leave him?

Things I used to find cute about him now irritate me constantly, I don't feel any excitement about him anymore, I don't feel attracted to him like I once did, i'm not interested in sex and if I don't see him it's not really a big deal anymore. We don't share many interests and are basically two different people, but I love him. And he loves me. I told him I was feeling this way (to an extent) and I could see how it hurt him, he told me he wants me to be happy and if that means leaving him then he'd deal with it, but he doesn't want to. He told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and it all broke my heart because of how I feel. I don't think it's a good idea to stay with him as it would only prolong the inevitable but I love him so much and I can't stand to see him hurt. And when I say love, it's not the right kind of love, I love him as a best friend, not a lover anymore.
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  • Yes... If the tings about him you actually felt for are now irritating you, you should leave him. But as a guy who has recently been dumped I say this: give him a fair chance! Tell him how you feel, and that you are unsure about your relationship. he will either break it up right there, or he will man up and improve himself and become an even better boyfriend. Just an idea.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Listen to yourself, you say you don't feel excited about him anymore. You say you don't feel attracted to him like you once did. Why the heck are you with him, if you don't feel like his eyes are all on you? I wouldn't stay in a relationship like that. You two don't share much in common. Trust me there are some many other great men in the world that can treat you right, he isn't the only one I promise you. Some people just fall out of love with each other to realize how much they don't need that person in there life. I fell out of love with my ex because it just wasn't working and he was always looking at other women so I cut it off. If I were you I would pack my bags and move on. Trust me you don't want a guy that can't even keep his eyes on you. Its time to move on and find someone else.


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  • Girl, if you aren't attracted to him, then you are missing out on all the potential guys who could make you happy in very way possible


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