Advice needed on my Ex Girlfriend Situation please!?

Hi Guys, Got a question and would really appreciate some advice, So me and my Ex girlfriend split up last Friday , we had a big fallout 3 weeks prior to this and she said that this had made her unhappy and that she needed time away to figure out what she wanted etc. So I agreed and I have left her alone. Wrote her a letter just saying that I loved her and the time apart she needs is what I will give her because of my love for her.

Well, Last night i received a text from her out of the blue, saying " Hope your Okay"

i replied i Hope she is ok too and that I hope she is having a nice night with her work colleagues.

she also said in a few of the texts like " i have really wanted to text you but it wouldn't have helped any of us"

"I dont know what will happen with us I just think the timing just now isn't right and i dont know why"

"I dont know what will happen in the future I would like to think i will be with you but can't say that cause it gives us both false hope"

" I hate this feeling but i know its for the best just now"

These sort of texts where sent last night but I haven't heard from her today.

I am letting her have all the time in the world. We aren't together just now and i Know i can't wait around for her, But i said i would always be there for her etc.

I just dont know what to think about this situation? any advice would be very much appreciated.


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  • She wants you to wait, but she's taking her time deciding. She can't let you hang on forever, so I'd say give her another month and then meet up and talk.

    • Yeah I agree I cannot hang around forever, I will have to see how it plays out but i am not going to be in contact with her, I am willing to give her all the time in the world as I Love her, I hope that lets her see how good we were

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  • Give her some more time. She still confused and need more time.

  • Give her time. Don't let you guys getting back together constantly preoccupy your mind either. Ease into the idea of moving on as you wait.


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  • 2days later she will back to u


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