How to know if ex girlfriend misses you from social medias?

How do you know if your ex girlfriend misses you, if you dont meet them face to face, and only have their Instagram/Facebook to look at?
Any particular signs I should be aware of.
I know if she posts links to "our song" it is a good sign :)
Just some minir details: she broke up due to lose of feelings. No drama or anything. I have now been in No Contact for 35 days and are still not talking. (Waiting for her to make first contact)


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  • If she is not an idiot, and we hope she isn't... she won't post anything stupid on her facebook/whatever page if she misses you, but will pick up the phone and call you. However, you can see if she is still hurting, angry, bitter over the breakup - there will be posts like 'Finally single! Yey!' or 'Love is bullshit' or any relationship/love-related stuff and quotes about ignoble/lying/manipulative people... meaning you... That doesn't prove she is missing you but proves she has unresolved issues regarding the breakup and regarding you, so... if there is any kind of emotion, that's a good sign that she is regretting that things ended.

    • Forgot to mention there was no drama with our break up :)
      She broke up because she claimed she had lost feelings for me. I am now i No Contact.

      Couldnt she post stuff on social medias to get my attention?

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