Are you a jealous ex?

Does anyone else find it really hard when there ex goes out with someone else or especially if it is someone you know or your friend? How do you deal with it?


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  • Personaly it depend on the girl if she's girl of my dream of cource I will feel jealous and angry but if she's just a normal girl or cheater then no i will feel happy bcoz prefer to be single than be with girl make problems or some headache
    thesre plenty fish n da sea :)


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  • My first (and only) boyfriend, I broke up with, and I still got a little jealous when he went out with girls after that, even though we lasted 8 months and the rest didn't last more than a week. Recently, he went out with this really cool girl I was trying to be friends with, so it was very frustrating when I'm trying to get to know her and she's talking about how much she "loves" him. She wore his jacket when I had her over, and seeing her wearing something I used to wear kinda hurt.

    How do I deal with it? I reminded myself of the reason why I broke up with him. Having a new crush that liked me back helped, because I can think about how much better he is than my ex.
    ... Now if he was the one to end the relationship, I'd probably get even more jealous of other girls he was interested in, but I'd make myself like someone else instead, because he wouldn't be worth all the emotions.


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  • I am not even capable of jealousy.


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