Is he hurting after the break up guys?

Okay so me & my guy friend was seeing each other for over a year and a half. We grew comfortable with each other & attached, we liked each other a lot. But due to personal issues & communication issues we fell apart & argued like mad.

He broke it off, the first time he came runing back after 4 days. We began being on and off for 2 months. He now doesn't want to be friends.

He doesn't seem to care anymore. Yet, he posts things on social media to make me jealous, checks up on me, said that he missed me, even told me he had spoke to his girl mate about our situation. We both hurt each other & the break up was messy. I wish things were different, I lost my friend as well as lover. Do guys hurt just as much as girls?


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  • Yes so much...

    My girl broke up with me a few months ago & I'm devastated still. I try to move on, she still gives me mixed signals.

    I miss her so. I still see her occasionally & spend time with her. It's kindof complicated I guess.

    Honestly I'm still so hurt. I often get depressed about it & struggle with everything.

    Sorry I kindof ranted lol, but yeah guys can hurt as bad as girls. I promise lol

    • Even if they're the ones that ended it?

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    • It is shit indeed!! His friend even went behind his Back & invited me to a party because he thought he was doing the right thing. Must mean that his friends picked up on his behaviour? Yeah that's the hardest part, wether or not knowing to walk away or try harder

    • Yeah his friend could have been trying to help. Maybe trying to get you two in the same place.

      I'm glad that you said that, about whether walking away or trying harder. That is so hard to decide what to do. I tried to walk away. I went out on 1 date with another girl & it just didn't feel right at all & I knew I wasn't ready to try to move on.

      Even yesterday while she is still with this other guy, she admitted that she doesn't want me to move on & see anyone else.

      I do love this girl & I'm willing to wait for her to decide what to do. It's just hard being stuck here knowing that she still might not come back, but at least for now I know I have to wait because I'm not happy without her.

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  • I think guys don't like showing their emotion only because it doesn't make them look "man off" .


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  • Definitely.

    I have exs on Facebook that I still check up on every once in a while. It's weird though, because I don't have any harsh feelings, I just want to see what they are doing in their life.

    He sounds very emotional, probably paranoid about you hating him but too distressed to do anything

    • I have told him I hate him... Which I kinda don't, I hate him because I still love him & I hate myself more because I do.

      He acts as if he doesn't care anymore, we became really spiteful to each other. I've blocked him on everything. I want him back but I can't see us getting through this atm. Do guys need time to really assist the break up? He said the arguments did it for him, which can easily be changed

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    • Yes, I do confide in my girlmates (I like that word) more than my guys actually. They are usually more understanding, plus, who is going to talk to their GUY friends about relationship stuff?

      Anyway, I really just think you guys need to really delve out the problems out why you broke up in the first place with some communication so you both know what not to do. I'm sure you can do it

    • If you confided in your girl mates does that mean you still cared about the girl & situations and still had feelings? He's told me that he's already made his decision, so I'm not really holding out hope he will change his mind when he doesn't even want me as a friend.

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