Helppppp! What do I do in this situation?

My ex has me blocked on Facebook, unfollowed on instagram and deleted off of snapchat. He does however text me every day and try to hang out with me. He actually took me out to a nicer restaurant yesterday for lunch. He texted me today asking me why hadn't I spoken to him all day (I was working) we've slept together a couple of times and he's called me babe a couple of times, holds my hand in public/puts his hand on the small of my back gives me forehead kisses/regular kisses all of the time. We broke up for the simple lack of trust. I can't trust him. He's ruined my self esteem and I've allowed it. I don't want him back I truly don't but it's hard to let go. I find myself getting jealous at the thought of him with another girl and getting bummed out. I've just met someone else, he knows I've only been single for a short period of time and he's incredibly handsome and funny and makes me feel like a million bucks, we actually have our first date tomorrow. I just feel guilty because I have unfortunate feelings for my ex. I haven't slept with my ex since speaking to this new guy but like I said I did get lunch with him. I never text my ex first or try to contact him but I do respond if he texts me. I feel like I just need to block his number and give him up cold turkey. The only difficult thing is I do work with my ex boyfriend. We work at the same job, the plus side is I am moving in 5 months so Ill be quitting eventually I just don't know whaT to do I feel like I've gotten myself in a pickle.


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  • did he blocked and delete you recently or did it when you guys broke up?
    if he did it recently then he is cheater on a girl he has in his life now and you are his work buddy plus ex so he is taking advantage of you in every sense of the word

    if he did it when you guys broke up then he did it because he wants you to be just a friend/fuck buddy

  • If what you say about you wanting to move on and forget him is true, then i recommend you don't respond to any of his texts or calls anymore. If he respects your decision to move on, he'll stop calling you.

    However it seems that he doesn't respect you enough to leave you alone. So I would make it clear that you don't want him in your life anymore and that he should respect that. If he then continues to chase you, block his number and ignore him. How else can you move on with your life?

    If you're unsure about if you want to move on or to give him another chance, I would be honest to the new guy about this. Also talk to your ex about that and say that if he does want anything serious to restart, he should just come out and say it. If he strings you along, that means it's a no and he just wants you as a fuckbuddy. From that, you can decide if that's what you want or not.

    Hope you find the love that respects you and deserves you.


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