Why is my ex boyfriend acting like this with me I never did nothing to him? Someone please explain this in detail on what they think it is?

My ex and I broke up last month after his birthday. Because he been pushing me away and acting like he loved me at the same time. Yea my feelings are hurt an all. He slowly made me break it off with him so he won't feel bad like I wish he would for how he did me. But he acting like a clown towards me. He told me that he didon't want to be committed I asked him what he ment by that , an he said marriage smh. But we are 20 years old we wasn't even thinking about it but that was his excuse I guess. After I told him to give me a day or whatever because of how he was talking to me for no reason just because I wanted to spend with him and he been making up excuses why he can't for a month out of 2 years, it was kind of shady. Afree I told him I needed a day he just took off an text me me a week later saying he was checking up on me. I asked him can we work things out he said no he likes somebody else and we agree to much (mostly his fault, his insecurities). So I told him leave me alone don't bother me. He said he can text me anytime he wants and that I'm suppose to be there for him and his friend. Smh. He left me. alone but he would text me an ask if I can go out to eat with him and his parents, but he talks to another girl which is crazy. I never went. I just told him to leave me alone an I was moving he kept texting me asking me when and he is going to miss me. Out of 2 years that's all he says I been there for him when he had nothing. Recently he found out that I new that he was talking to a girl at his job behind my back. And got mad at me I told him that he was with me for 2 years to like somebody else. I never cheated on him an he makes it seem like I did all these bad things. But he said I need to shut my stupid ass up and called me agravating for no reason. I never replied back but the next day he texted me and said happythanksgiving. After he said all these things to me. He tell me not to worry about him. But he was all in my bissnues weeks ago


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  • The dude is a loser. I know what it feels like. But being alone is better than being with a loser.


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  • I know it seems like the end of the world, but things are going to move on. He seems like he sorta feels bad but doesn't want to start overs again. You should just recover and enjoy what you have in like for a bit then find someone else.

    • Yea ino but I really want him to feel bad. Because he just forgot all about me.. I was just wondering why did he do all these things.. he ask me personal questions but he doesn't want me to no nothing g about him

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    • I don't want him to think I even care about him after him just leavin me for another girl he work with and acting shady to me for a whole month since she started working their.. its just I don't know my feelings are torn my family hate him so they wouldn't even stand for me hanging out with him.. why do u think he wanted me to go out with him and his family and wanted to see me after he told me he talks to a girl he works with?

    • I'd move on, you're better than him. He's just a jerk who needs to stop. I'd ignore him and focus on good things in life.

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  • I would just let him be if I were you. There's no reason to chase him or ask how's he doing, if he wants to speak to you he will. Try to distract yourself and hang out with other people. Trust me it isn't the end of the world.


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