What does she want? why is she doing this?

My ex gf broke up with me and it'll be two years this January. I don't talk to her on social networks or text or call her. She is in a relationship but its like she never gets the hint. In the past we would talk like every three or six months. But now I let her know how I feel about her talking to me because I'm just gonna pursue her but she won't commit with me. She was away at school were never talked but when she moved home she wants to talk to me more. She texted me after Thanksgiving and said how was my holiday like we had a conversation or something. She tries to let things die down and hmu like time healed the wound


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  • She probably feels as though you are a good guy. If she is not willing to commit, there is probably something in her life that needs work and for what ever reason she just can't commit. More than likely she does care for for or wants to (she recognizes your positive qualities), but she doesn't or doesn't enough to be with you. This is one of those "its not you its me" situations. The other option is that she wants to keep you around as a fall back option. I think it is best for you to cut all communication with her. Change your number or block hers if you have to. It is not fair to you.

    • It gets hard for me because I've been with some girls but I'm very picky and she was the first girl i took serious to make my first girlfriend. So in essense she is my first love i guess. Deep rooted into each others families and everything we've been on and off for like three and a half years and that deep connection hurts that someone that could just breakup with no explanation and just come back when you feel everything is all cool. I love this girl more than anything but then it's like i feel she doesn't respect me as a person. But like you said she knows I'm a good guy i do wish to get her back but I'm focusing more on myself now

    • That is great, and exactly what you need to do. Working on your self is the best distraction. I have about 9 years of experience with the type of heartache you are experiencing. Feel free to message me... I don't get on here all the time but i will respond as soon as I do

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