How can someone seem to just give up so easy?

Things weren't always easy. But you loved each other. No blinders on, I know this was real. After those years, those experiences, how can someone so quickly just seem to give up on you and replace you with someone else as though you didn't exist? You go back and forth and things are said and they clearly have feelings as you still do. Yet they give it up and throw it all away and become so cold Is it easier because you're another state away? Are they just burying the feelings and replacing them with the ones from another? Were you just a mistake?


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  • Im in your same position and I know that not knowing is a curse that eats you alive when you think about it. Why is the biggest question I ask myself, why did she leave me after all we went through, all I did for her, all she told me. But what I can tell you, is that sometimes what you don't know can hurt you. I was stupid to keep looking till I found out with she leave after all, and it hurts more than seeing her leave. Your not a mistake she was


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