What does he actually want?

Help:( My ex boyfriend who I love so so much recently got back in contact with me. I cut contact with him because I really wanted him back,and I still do. He initiates all the contact that has taken place over the last few weeks...phone calls, texts, coming over to me when he sees me, and he has said on more than one occasion that he wishes I made the effort to contact him too. I have been trying to play hard to get, but then figured I really should make an effort, because he is so insecure, even though he acts arrogant! so yesterday I text him...and he didn't bother to reply:(its been 3 days since we've spoken now,and I'm really upset and worried.what do you think?
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He broke up with me about a month ago after 7 months together, He is so insecure and convinced himself that I didn't love him the way he loved me...which was crap.
What does he actually want?
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