Best way to break up with my boyfriend?

so I've decided to break up with my boyfriend, Luis. I've never had to break up with a guy. theyve always broken up with me (1 ignored me for a month and then broke up over text, 1 just quit talking to me all together before announcing he had a new girlfriend) and it hurt bad. i dont want to do that to him. i know its going to hurt him no matter what so,
whats the best way to break up with him that will hurt him the least?
oh, and we have the same friends we hang out with every day so i can't exactly avoid him without avoiding all my friends at school


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would say do it face to face. That's what my ex with me he just did it face to face. Just do it face to face and you will be fine. And try to avoid him for a while once you do it, I act like mine doesn't exist.


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  • Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    We are now over,
    and I'm leaving you.


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  • Their is not really a "best way" to break up with him... Except... Just do it fast like a band-aid!


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