Why is it a good thing to act like you don't care about your ex boyfriend?

My ex and I had an bad break up. He tried to be cool until I heard he dated somebody a week later after that I hated him. He tried to be friend but I wasn't having it we said some mean thing to each other I tried to see if he wanted to give it another chance before we let it go he said no. So I stopped talKung to him. I was really hurt how he just moved on and acted like it didn't matter. He text me trying to check up on me and be cool but I let my emotions get the best of me so that. Never worked. We never been in this position out of 2 1/5 years. We always came back and fixed things no matter what I never cheated on him or nothing. I don't know if he did something because he was acting weird sometime before we broke up. He still thinks I care about him. I can see he doesn't care about me that I no of. But he still text me trying to talk asking me personal questions and wanting an answer asking me what I'm doing and if i say chilling he will want to no more. But he doesn't want me to worry about him.. he texted me today I pretended I was another guy and said leave my lady alone an cussed him out lol he texted back and said" your lady ". it made me feel in control an better. U don't want him to event think I care. Why is he acting like that? And why is it a good reason to act like I don't care? And why does he care if another person call me their lady?


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  • He wants you to still like him. That's why he's acting like that and that's why he shows some sort of concern when another person calls you their lady. He probably wants you to still like him because it boosts his ego. It seems to me that he likes to know that he can get any girl he wants and leave you wanting him, and this is a fantastic reason to leave him and ignore him. Show that idiot that you're strong and you won't play by his rules.

    • I wish I could give you 100 likes lol.. but yea that's true.. he be saying how he miss me like 4 weeks ago. And talking all slow on the phone when I did try to fix things he said we argued to much. What an excuse.. but his aaction has been really mean. 3 weeks ago he called me annoying and told me to stfu.. because I said to him he wasted 2 years to drop me and go to Somebody else.. why was he mad when he treated me like that?

    • He also told me to move on and donot worry about him he told me plenty of times befor that iif I ever did this to him he would hate, and now he said who cares what he said then. There's plenty of times I wanted to leave but I didn't I stuck by his side. And now look at me. Lol

    • Girl, leave him. A good relationship is supposed always make you feel happy and in love and make you grow. This is obviously toxic to you.

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